How do I create/cancel recurring appointments?

Written by Elmira
Updated 3 years ago

  •  What is a recurring appointment?

A recurring appointment is an appointment that happens several times. By adding recurrence to an appointment, you can duplicate the appointment information without having to create a new appointment.

  • When creating an appointment, you can choose the type of appointment that will be repeated at the same time daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or never.

  • To cancel the recurring appointment, you should click on the appointment in the timeslot and click the Cancel button. Then select the type that you want to cancel either the current appointment or all future appointments. You should write the reason for the cancelation


Cancel Current Appointment

Canceling the current appointment means that you cancel one of the preferred appointments of the recurring appointment. When you select the Current Appointment and click Yes, you will see canceled appointment details with the origin appointment link. This link leads you to the beginning of the recurring appointment details.   


Cancel Future Appointments

Canceling future appointments means that you cancel all recurring appointments. When you select the Future Appointments and click Yes, you will see canceled appointment details. You can reschedule the appointment by clicking the Reschedule button. 


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