How do I use a whiteboard?

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Updated 3 years ago

To use a whiteboard, click on the “Whiteboard” icon in a video conference. Once you do, a window appears on the screen and asks you to share your screen to show a whiteboard to your customer. Select the screen and click the “Share” button.

Note that your customer will not be able to see the whiteboard until you share your screen. To return to a normal view, stop sharing your screen and click the Whiteboard icon.

Guideline for using the whiteboard functions

  • To reverse your last action, click undo . You can reverse more than one action. 
  • To select and move your actions, click .
  • To change the color of a pencil, click . You can choose a different color by clicking the bottom arrow. 
  • To draw on a board, click . You can change the pen to an eraser, or erase all action elements by clicking the bottom arrow .
  • To draw a straight line, circle, and square click , ,  and  , respectively. You can change the elements by clicking the bottom arrow.
  • To type texts, click .
  • By clicking element you can create a table, grids, vertical lines.
  • element helps you to import images, documents on the board.
  • Make your boards different background views such as line, grid and etc using element.
  • Export all your actions using element.

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